Founded in 1996, Pamyag started its activities by producing raw cotton oil and bagasse from cottonseed. It started producing neutralized cotton oil and refined food oil after establishing its refinery facility in 1998.
As of this date, it took its place in the refined food oil sector with its own brand "BELKIS" It has been increasing its production capacity with its new machinery of plastic bloating, filling and packing that were purchased from abroad and up country in 2014. We have been working to make our "BELKIS" branded products with TS EN ISO 9001 quality management system certificate, TS EN ISO 22000 food safety management system certificate, Halal and TSE certificate become a worldwide leading and preferred brand in accordance with vision, mission and quality policy of our company.

Within this framework, we adopted producing quality and healthy sub and final products in all of our works to improve our production processes and to reach our target market. We have been improving with a strong staff by adopting improvement of human resources along with securing customer satisfaction as a mission. We care for customer and employee satisfaction with product and service quality, while we care for our responsibility for environment. Within this context, a purification and recycling facility is founded for recycling the wastes occur during production process. By virtue of this, we have been working as an environment sensitive company along with offering healthy and quality products.

Our Mission;
Tracking the requirements of modern age and new Technologies and our product and service Standards with customer request and expectations; to keep employee satisfaction at top level and provide opportunities for their personal development; to produce healthy sub and final products by increasing quality standards constantly within the framework of related laws and regulations and securing our processes to happen in a environment sensitive manner.

Our Vision;
To make our product brand in domestic and international platform by increasing brand and product recognition in the food sector and become a leading company in our sector in line with our mission.

Quality Policy;
Within the framework of our company's mission and vision, securing and protecting our product and brand recognizing by improving our management system constantly that was developed within the framework of TS EN ISO 9001 quality management system and TS EN ISO 22000 food safety management standards; to improve product quality in line with customer expectations; to work by focusing to the good and offer services to become a domestically and internationally recognized and  preferred brand; to develop and apply environment sensitive processes.