Our company has adopted keeping quality standards in production in foreground as a principle and within this context started research and development Works in cooperation with Gaziantep University and established a well equipped laboratory within the body of its own. By virtue of this, quality control at every step of the production can be made healthily. Our company has a sunflower seed oil production capacity of 60,000 ton/year and offers its products under brand “BELKIS”. Besides, it provides feed sector and animal breeders products for the occurrence of bagasse in production processes.

It tracks the latest technologies that are the requirement of modern times and integrates these to its body. In this context, an extraction facility was founded. Our extraction system has the capacity of processing 350 ton/d of sunflower seeds and makes the production of raw sunflower oil and sunflower and bagasse.

Our company continued its investment by adding sunflower oil refinery, filling and packing units to its body. By virtue of this, it has reached refined sunflower oil processing and packing capacity of 200 ton/d. As a result of this, we hold the honor to be the first and sole company of the region that produces refined food oil from seed.